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Group Data By Year, Month, and Day in PostgreSQL
Group by Year, Month, or Day in PostgreSQL
How to group data by specific date interval using DATE_TRUNC(), EXTRACT(), or TO_CHAR() functions in PostgreSQL.
Exponentiation in JavaScript
Exponentiation in JavaScript: A Beginner's Guide
Exponentiation refers to a mathematical process of multiplying a number by itself. In JavaScript, you can perform it using the ** operator or Math.pow() method.
How to Break from forEach in JavaScript?
There is no direct way to break from the forEach() function, however, there are some workarounds.
Javascript Add to Array if not Exist
JavaScript: Add To Array Just If Element Doesn’t Exist
In JavaScript, how to add an element to an array just if it does not yet exist within the given array or ignore the process if it already exists?
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