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A Self-Taught Developer and a Technical Writer

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I'm Mohamed Mayallo

My journey as a software engineer started over 5 years ago. During this journey, I worked as a Backend and Full-Stack developer.

My expertise revolves around JavaScript and its ecosystems like Node.js and Angular.js.

I like to share what I learn with others so I started my blog one year ago. Blogging is amazing, I learned a lot from it. Usually, I like to write about topics like Clean Code, Design Patterns, JavaScript, System Design, and more. I believe that every developer should have a blog.

I worked on-site and remotely but eventually, I loved the style of remote work because of the freedom it brings.​

latest articles

Interface Segregation Principle
Is Interface Segregation Principle Redundant?
The Interface Segregation Principle is so close to other SOLID principles. It significantly helps to implement them correctly.
Liskov Substitution Principle
Liskov Substitution Principle Isn’t Complex. Just Give It a Try
What is Liskov Substitution Principle? How to apply it? What are its violations? Is it really hard to understand? Let's know more about it.
Open-Closed Principle The Hard Parts
Open-Closed Principle: The Hard Parts
The Open-Closed Principle is the second principle of SOLID. Let’s know what the Open-Closed Principle is, its limitations, and how can we follow it correctly.
Single Responsibility Principle
Do You Really Know What is Single Responsibility Principle?
The Single Responsibility Principle is tricky to follow, but why? Let’s dig into it.
Locking-Based Isolation at SQL Server
Isolation Levels In SQL Server With Examples
How does SQL Server manage transactions concurrency by Isolation Levels, what are their anomalies, and how do they work?
GraphQL Directives
How to use GraphQL Directives Efficiently?
Unfortunately, GraphQL Directives are underrated. They are among the most powerful features of GraphQL that enable you to enhance and extend your API

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